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7 Interesting Facts About Jewelry -

7 Interesting Facts About Jewelry



Yesterday, I was invited to a family gathering and something unexpected happened. A young man on his knees, opened a box and a shining ring was graciously presented to a stunned young lady to the cheering of the crowd.

This gesture is a very important step in our lives. It is a commitment for life with its' unpredictable future.

This practice has been around for centuries and centuries.

In our previous blogs, we have mentioned the crucial role of Ancient Civilizations like Rome, Greece, Egypt but also India and China in shaping the Jewelry Industry  we know today.

Here are the 7 facts about jewelry that will make your jaws drop.

1) Jewelry and other decorative items are as old as human race.

2) Diamonds were first discovered in India 2400 years ago. The Tirupati Temple in India is believed to hold more than 20 tones of gold and diamond Jewelry, some of them dating back from the 12th Century.

3) English Kate Elizabeth Winslet, in Moulin Rouge, was the first actress to wear a 134 carat Diamond Necklace worth over $1 Million.

4) When Prince Charles proposed Diana, Princes Of Wales, he presented a sapphire ring valued at almost $40 Thousand.

5) Mouawad Designs created a piece of Jewelry in 2013 that was sold at 55 million Dollars.

6) A colorless diamond is the most expensive of all the diamonds.

7) The US is the World's biggest consumer of diamonds.


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