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A Life Saving Necklace

Necklace And Health Care: a strange combination, isn't it? Can you make any association between a necklace and health practice? 

Suranjana Tewari, a BBC News Reporter in Mumbai is answering the above question in the following article.

Suranjana Tewari, Necklace aids child vaccination

"Around 1.5 million children die around the world every year from diseases that could be prevented through vaccination. India has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world at under 60% - well below the World Health Organization's 90% target.

But in rural Rajasthan, a simple necklace - which contains a child's vaccination records in a computer chip - is helping boost the numbers protected.

Khushi Baby - which means happy baby - is a plastic pendant on a black string. A computer chip embedded in the pendant stores vaccination data of the baby wearing it, along with the mother's health records.

By keeping the information on the child rather than on medical cards which can be lost or on paper logbooks that can become cumbersome and are almost impossible to search through, health workers can ensure babies get the right vaccinations at the right time.

The chip communicates with a smartphone or tablet, allowing health care workers in remote areas to access real-time data on the child's vaccination schedule.

When the health worker returns to the city, the data is uploaded to a central cloud allowing them to take the right supplies on their next field visits.
The Ministry of Health and other health officials can also access the data.

Eight-month-old Guddia Damur has had all the required immunisations for her age.Guddia is a term of affection for newborns but with births rarely being registered in parts of India, it is a common name.The sheer number of children called Guddia creates confusion under the paper-based system.

But thanks to Khushi Baby, Guddia's mother Babli says health workers are always able to access her data on the spot. The necklace also reminds Babli of when her next injections are due.

necklace health

Guddia's Khushi Baby pendant contains all her vaccination records

'Marrying tradition with technology'

Local mothers were involved in the design of the necklace. It's similar to those worn by newborns in parts of India called a 'tabeez'.Babli said: "Women make our babies wear the black thread around their neck, so that babies are protected from the evil eye."

For researchers, marrying tradition with technology converts a superstitious belief into better health behavior.
Mohammed Shahnawaz, one of the team behind Khushi Baby, said: "It has got a cultural significance here and people do wear such type of wearable in this part of India.

"This pendant is less than a dollar cost, it's rugged, waterproof and can be replicated into other form factors like bangles for mothers, like watches for elders."

Khushi Baby was originally designed by undergraduate students at Yale University in 2013. Since then the team has gone on to raise $350,000 in funding and has partnered with a local Indian NGO.
Around 1,500 babies are already in the system, and initial data is showing improved vaccination rates.

Once the mother's contact details are in the system, the family is automatically reminded - in their local dialect - why vaccinations are needed, and when to bring their children to the next vaccination camp.Mothers say the necklace also acts as a visual reminder about their child's immunisation schedule.


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Do You Need Permission For This?

Does the size and quality of your jewelry you wear reflect your job or family status? Should this be an area of concern if your jewelry looks bigger and more expensive compared to your current income? Who should have a problem that your are better than them? Meredith tells us more.

Meredith Lepore, You Have To Earn The Right To Wear Big Jewelry In Your Career

A woman who works in finance recently wrote into the Careerist blog noting that at a recent event for women at Barclays she noticed that a dominating trend amongst executive women were large South Sea pearls (the size of gum balls), both black and white. She asked if the size of your pearls need to reflect your job status?

After talking with some experts, we have decided that women need to earn the right to wear the big, expensive jewelry at work. If they do it too soon in their careers, they can hurt themselves.

Vivia Chen, The Careerist’s Chief Blogger wrote:

“Now, I know my friend is obsessed with big pearls. I’ve noticed that as she keeps rising in her company over the years, her pearls—and other jewels—have gotten more substantial.

I don’t blame her. If I were in her position (instead of being a humble blogger), I’d cloak myself in  some nice baubles too. Fact is, women who have achieved a certain professional status (law firm partner or senior positions at corporations) often wear lots of big jewelry—like chunky gold bracelets, big diamond rings, or earrings studded with emeralds and rubies.”

The right to be more fashionable and wear expensive designer pieces is a rite of passage in stricter clothing industries like finance and law.

Last year we wrote about senior women at Goldman Sachs wearing leopard-print heels and how that was only acceptable for women that had climbed their way up the ladder. Fashion in finance and law is all about paying your dues. You can’t wear the fun shoes (and by fun I mean not plain black and Christian Louboutin) and big jewelry until you have established yourself.

With expensive shoes, handbags, clothing and jewelry you are earning the right to wear them in two ways. You have earned the right to wear them because of career longevity and success and also you have literally made enough money because of your job to afford these things.

Of course, some young women can afford to buy these things because they either have family money or for one reason or another, but people will be skeptical that they themselves didn’t earn the money to buy these pieces.

Kat Griffin, founder of the workplace fashion blog Corporette told The Grindstone:

“For younger women, the biggest problem is that if it’s obviously far more expensive than your pay grade, it implies that you got it from someone else — your father, your boyfriend, your husband — and that you don’t need to work for the money. Until you get established in your career and have a bank of credibility, it just gives the wrong impression.”

Rachel Aubie, a Research Administration Analyst at McMaster University, says that clothing and age/status in the office are irrevocably linked.

“Office attire is affected by the ‘stigma’ attached to being a young person in the workplace,” she says, adding that she overcompensated by dressing more formally than she was required to.

“Women rise to this challenge exceptionally well, because we have to, and we are very fashion savvy. But it’s just another highlight of how different the workplace is for younger people who are just trying to move-up and succeed.”

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7 Ways To Wear Statement Jewelry

Make the correct statement

Nadine from You Queen, 7 Rules for Wearing Statement Jewelry.

Jewellery is the perfect way to bring life to an outfit and enhance your best features. What better way to do so than to complete your look with a bold, striking and attention-grabbing piece of statement jewellery?

Statement pieces are designed for you to have fun with, but can make all the wrong statements if they are not worn correctly.

The beauty of statement jewelry is that it only takes one piece to make your whole outfit stand out. The key is to keep it simple and either work your outfit around one big eye-catching piece, or to work well-coordinated statement accessories into your look by striking the right balance.

From cocktail rings to cuff bracelets and bib necklaces, statement pieces come in all forms, designs, colours and sizes. They can work wonders to add dazzle to a simple dress or can help to draw attention to parts of yourself that you would like to emphasize.

Either way, make sure you follow our rules to pull off a look that gets people looking at you in awe rather than dismay.

1. Less is more

Bold pieces should be allowed to stand out, so do not over-crowd your look by wearing them within close proximity of each other. It is preferable to wear one at a time, but if you do want to wear more than one statement piece, make sure not to wear statement bracelets and rings together and avoid wearing statement earrings and necklaces at the same time.

Chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet can look beautiful when worn together, while a long necklace and a cocktail ring can match perfectly. Just make sure to select items that coordinate. Try to stick with the same kind of metal and avoid clashing patterns and charms.

Layered chain necklaces can look extremely charming if worn correctly. Keep your look tasteful by making sure that you do not layer too many strands together and keep tabs on how much sparkle you layer on.

Avoid wearing long chain necklaces, however, if you are wearing a belt, as there will be too much going on around the same area. Wide chokers and bib necklaces can stand to be your sole statement piece, so let such items take center stage and forgo other pieces of jewelry.

2. Keep it simple

Big accessories are best worn with simple clothes. Steer clear of busy patterns and embellishments such as sequins when wearing bold jewelry. Remember, you want your statement piece to stand out, so match items wisely.

A little black dress is the perfect match for one or two attention-grabbing pieces, while jeans and a pure white top will make an ideal backdrop for something big, bright and colourful.

Try to stick to neutral and block colour items when wearing bright and detailed accessories. Less busy pieces can work very well with patterned items of clothing, however.

Don’t pull the focus away from your bold jewelry. Coordinate smaller accessories with your statement pieces by keeping them to a minimum and sticking to the same colour or metal.

3. Choose earrings wisely

Statement earrings are beautiful, ornate and cannot be missed. They will be the first thing that anyone talking to you will notice. To make sure they frame your face, choose a pair that suits your face shape and enhances your features.

Choosing the wrong pair can be distracting, so take details such as length, colour, shape and outfit coordination into consideration when choosing adornment for your ears.

When wearing dangly statement earrings, it is better to keep your hair sleek and not too big. Remember, it’s all about balance, so while you can pump up the volume with simple earrings, larger ones will balance better with loose waves or poker-straight hair.

Alternatively, pull your hair up into a chic chignon. Also make sure that your make-up balances well with your earrings. If you are wearing a brightly coloured pair, they may look best with clean and simple makeup.

4. Match the right necklace with the right neckline

The best way to make sure a statement necklace stands out is to wear it with the right neckline. Strapless, off-the shoulder, scoop necked or v-necked dresses and tops are ideal, as they will let your statement piece do the talking.

Collars, halter necks and detailing close to the face should be avoided, as they will clash with bold pieces. A one-colour turtle-neck sweater can work beautifully with a statement necklace, provided that it is form-fitting and one colour throughout.

Make sure to wear a statement necklace next to a simple and preferably one-colour top to keep the look chic and to do your necklace justice. You can never go wrong with neutral tones, so wear bright and attention-grabbing necklaces with black, white or nude to keep the look elegant.

5. Pay attention to your hands

When wearing a bold ring, it is worth remembering that it will draw attention to your hands, and consequently, your nails, so make sure they are perfectly groomed. Go for a simple manicure.

Make sure that the colour of your nail polish does not clash with the colours in your ring, and avoid wearing a bold and colourful ring with multi-coloured manicures, nail art and glittery nail polish.
While this may look cute on an adolescent, it does not exactly convey a statement of elegance.

These eye-catching rings are the smallest of all the statement pieces, so have as much fun with them as you like. The bigger and brighter, the better. Just remember that balance is key, so it is better to wear one at a time.

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Can You Name The Uses Of Gold?

The Most Useful Metal 


From jewellery making to construction, through sports, health care etc, the possibilities offered by gold are simply endless. Hobart King, contributor for is telling us more.

Hobart King, The Many Uses of Gold

Of all the minerals mined from the Earth, none is more useful than gold. Its usefulness is derived from a diversity of special properties. Gold conducts electricity, does not tarnish, is very easy to work, can be drawn into wire, can be hammered into thin sheets, alloys with many other metals, can be melted and cast into highly detailed shapes, has a wonderful color and a brilliant luster. Gold is a memorable metal that occupies a special place in the human mind. 

When Spanish explorers first arrived in the "New World" they met the native South Americans. These two cultures had been separated by a vast ocean, they had never touched one another, they spoke different languages and lived entirely different lives. Yet they had one thing in common - they both held gold in highest esteem and used it to make some of their most important objects. 

Throughout the history of our planet almost every established culture has used gold to symbolize power, beauty, purity and accomplishment. Today we continue to use gold for our most significant objects: wedding rings, Olympic medals, Oscars, Grammys, money, crucifixes and ecclesiastical art. No other substance of the same rarity holds a more visible and prominent place in our society. 

Jewelry: The Primary Use of Gold 

Gold has been used to make ornamental objects and jewelry for thousands of years. Gold nuggets found in a stream are very easy to work and were probably one of the first metals used by humans. Today, most of the gold that is newly mined or recycled is used in the manufacture of jewelry. About 78% of the gold consumed each year is used in the manufacture of jewelry. 

Special properties of gold make it perfect for manufacturing jewelry. These include: very high luster; desirable yellow color; tarnish resistance; ability to be drawn into wires, hammered into sheets or cast into shapes. These are all properties of an attractive metal that is easily worked into beautiful objects. Another extremely important factor that demands the use of gold as a jewelry metal is tradition. Important objects are expected to be made from gold.

Pure gold is too soft to stand up to the stresses applied to many jewelry items. Craftsmen learned that alloying gold with other metals such as copper, silver, and platinum would increase its durability. Since then most gold used to make jewelry is an alloy of gold with one or more other metals. 

The alloys of gold have a lower value per unit of weight than pure gold. A standard of trade known as "karatage" was developed to designate the gold content of these alloys. Pure gold is known as 24 karat gold and is almost always marked with "24K". An alloy that is 50% gold by weight is known as 12 karat gold (12/24ths) and is marked with "12K". An alloy that contains 75% gold by weight is 18 karat (18/24 = 75%) and marked "18K". In general, high karat jewelry is softer and more resistant to tarnish while low karat jewelry is stronger and less resistant to tarnish - especially when in contact with perspiration. 

Alloying gold with other metals changes the color of the finished products (see illustration at right). An alloy of 75% gold, 16%silver and 9% copper yields yellow gold. White gold is an alloy of 75% gold, 4% silver, 4% copper and 17% palladium. Other alloys yield pink, green, peach and even black colored metals. 

Financial Gold: Coinage, Bullion, Backing 

Because gold is highly valued and in very limited supply it has long been used as a medium of exchange or money. The first known use of gold in transactions dates back over 6000 years. Early transactions were done using pieces of gold or pieces of silver. The rarity, usefulness and desirability of gold make it a substance of long term value. Gold works well for this purpose because it has a high value, is durable, portable and easily divisible. 

Some early printings of paper money were backed by gold held in safe keeping for every unit of money that was placed in circulation. The United States once used a "gold standard" and maintained a stockpile of gold to back every dollar in circulation. Under this gold standard, any person could present paper currency to the government and demand in exchange an equal value of gold. The gold standard was once used by many nations but it eventually became too cumbersome and is no longer used by any nation. 

2011 Gold Production
Country Metric Tons
China 355
Australia 270
United States 237
Russia 200
South Africa 190
Peru 150
Canada 110
Indonesia 100
Ghana 100
Uzbekistan 90
Mexico 85
Papua New Guinea 70
Brazil 55
Chile 45
Other Countries 630
The values above are estimated gold production in metric tons. Data from USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries.

The gold used as a financial backing for currency was most often held in the form of gold bars, also known as "gold bullion". The use of gold bars kept manufacturing costs to a minimum and allowed convenient handling and storage. Today many governments, individuals and institutions hold investments of gold in the convenient form of bullion. 

The first gold coins were minted under the order of King Croesus of Lydia (a region of present-day Turkey) in about 560 BC. Gold coins were commonly used in transactions up through the early 1900's when paper currency became a more common form of exchange. Gold coins were issued in two types of units. Some were denominated in units of currency, such as dollars, while others were issued in standard weights, such as ounces or grams. 

Today gold coins are no longer in wide use for financial transactions. However, gold coins issued in specific weights are popular ways for people to purchase and own small amounts of gold for investment. Gold coins are also issued as "commemorative" items. Many people enjoy these commemorative coins because they have both a collectable value and a precious metal value.

Uses of Gold in Electronics

The most important industrial use of gold is in the manufacture of electronics. Solid state electronic devices use very low voltages and currents which are easily interrupted by corrosion or tarnish at the contact points. Gold is the highly efficient conductor that can carry these tiny currents and remain free of corrosion. Electronic components made with gold are highly reliable. Gold is used in connectors, switch and relay contacts, soldered joints, connecting wires and connection strips. 

A small amount of gold is used in almost every sophisticated electronic device. This includes: cell phones, calculators, personal digital assistants, global positioning system units and other small electronic devices. Most large electronic appliances such as television sets also contain gold. 

One challenge with the use of gold in very small quantities in very small devices is loss of the metal from society. Nearly one billion cell phones are produced each year and most of them contain about fifty cents worth of gold. Their average lifetime is under two years and very few are currently recycled. Although the amount of gold is small in each device, their enormous numbers translate into a lot of unrecycled gold. 

Use of Gold in Computers

Gold is used in many places in the standard desktop or laptop computer. The rapid and accurate transmission of digital information through the computer and from one component to another requires an efficient and reliable conductor. Gold meets these requirements better than any other metal. The importance of high quality and reliable performance justifies the high cost. 

Edge connectors used to mount microprocessor and memory chips onto the motherboard and the plug-and-socket connectors used to attach cables all contain gold. The gold in these components is generally electroplated onto other metals and alloyed with small amounts of nickel or cobalt to increase durability. 

Use of Gold in Dentistry

How would iron work as a dental filling? Not very well... your dentist would need blacksmithing tools, your smile would be rusty a few days after a filling and you would need to get used to the taste of iron. Even at much higher expense, gold is used in dentistry because of its superior performance and aesthetic appeal. Gold alloys are used for fillings, crowns, bridges and orthodontic appliances. Gold is used in dentistry because it is chemically inert, nonallergenic and easy for the dentist to work. 

Gold is known to have been used in dentistry as early as 700 B.C. Etruscan "dentists" used gold wire to fasten replacement teeth into the mouths of their patients. Gold was probably used to fill cavities in ancient times, however there is no documentation or archaeological evidence for this use of gold until a little over 1000 years ago. 

Gold was much more generously used in dentistry up until the late 1970's. The sharp run-up of gold prices at that time motivated the development of substitute materials. However, the amount of gold used in dentistry is starting to rise again. Some motivation for this comes from concerns that less inert metals might have an adverse effect on long-term health. 

Medical Uses of Gold

Gold is used as a drug to treat a small number of medical conditions. Injections of weak solutions of sodium aurothiomalate or aurothioglucose are sometimes used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Particles of a radioactive gold isotope are implanted in tissues to serve as a radiation source in the treatment of certain cancers. 

Small amounts of gold are used to remedy a condition known as Lagophthalmos, which is an inability of a person to close their eyes completely. This condition is treated by implanting small amounts of gold in the upper eyelid. The implanted gold "weights" the eyelid and the force of gravity helps the eyelid close fully. 

Radioactive gold is used in diagnosis. It is injected in a colloidal solution that can be tracked as a beta emitter as it passes through the body. Many surgical instruments, electronic equipment and life-support devices are made using small amounts of gold. Gold is nonreactive in the instruments and is highly reliable in the electronic equipment and life-support devices. 

Uses of Gold in Aerospace 

If you are going to spend billions of dollars on a vehicle that when launched will travel on a voyage where the possibility of lubrication, maintenance and repair is absolutely zero, then building it with extremely dependable materials is essential. This is exactly why gold is used in hundreds of ways in every space vehicle that NASA launches. 

Gold is used in circuitry because it is a dependable conductor and connector. In addition, many parts of every space vehicle are fitted with gold-coated polyester film. This film reflects infrared radiation and helps stabilize the temperature of the spacecraft. Without this coating, dark colored parts of the spacecraft would absorb significant amounts of heat 

Gold is also used as a lubricant between mechanical parts. In the vacuum of space, organic lubricants would volatilize and they would be broken down by the intense radiation beyond Earth's atmosphere. Gold has a very low shear strength and thin films of gold between critical moving parts serves as a lubricant - the gold molecules slip past one another under the forces of friction and that provides a lubricant action. 

Uses of Gold Awards & Status Symbols

What metal is used to make the crown worn by a king? Gold! This metal is selected for use because gold it is THE metal of highest esteem. It would make no sense to make a king's crown out of steel - even though steel is the strongest metal. Gold is chosen for use in a king's crown because it is the metal associated with highest esteem and status. 

Gold is associated with many positive qualities. Purity is another quality associated with gold. For this reason, gold is the metal of choice for religious objects. Crosses, communion ware and other religious symbols are almost always made with gold for this reason. 

Gold is also used as the first place winner's medal or trophy in almost any type of contest. First place winners at the Olympic Games are given gold medals. The Academy Awards Oscars are gold awards. Music's Grammy Awards are made of gold. All of these important achievements are honored with awards made of gold.

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How Much Do You Know About Jewellery?

Jewelry gets its name from a Latin word” jocale” (plaything). The concept of Jewelry includes the notion of art and art involves playing with things we find around us. The Art of body decoration was created throughout history from various material, ranging from animal to plant to minerals. Our ancestors could make jewelry from whole live insects like beetles or animal body parts, like shells, horn, bone, tooth and different kinds of minerals.

Gold, diamond and silver are the most commonly used material in jewelry making. Pure gold is yellow in color. Pure diamonds are very transparent and colorless. The many colors a diamond may have is due to other material mixed with it. Silver has a grey color. Jewelry making material enjoy a huge variety such as platinum, amber, emerald, jade, turquoise, sapphire, ruby etc..  Some emeralds may be even more valuable than diamonds. All those materials have qualities in common like shine, durability, longevity, softness and beauty.

The practice of body adornment with jewelry is found in all civilizations around the Globe. The shape can be anything: a necklace can be made in the form of a lion or an elephant based on the quality attributed to those creatures. It could imitate the form of stars as we observe them in the sky during one of those dark nights. It could be referring to another human being who has played an important role in the community. Some jewelry will take the form of the heart to symbolize love.

Jewelry as a human decoration is as old as human appearance on earth. Jewelry making and jewelry usage and symbolism have indeed enjoyed technological discoveries and advancement.

In some cultures, a piece of jewelry is believed to have the power to heal disease, bring prosperity or curse to the bearer, attract relationships or chase the evil spirits. Love, Romance, Care, Long-lasting memories, all seem to be the norm for World’s civilizations throughout the ages.

India has been the first country to recognize and mine diamonds almost 6 thousand years ago. The country has been making jewelry since then. Its neighbor, China, has been making jewelry almost during the same time. Any country, any individual person that has the biggest amount of gold and diamonds has the greatest riches. Money gets its’ value based on the amount of those minerals you are harboring.

Today, South Africa is recognized to be the most important producer and exporter of diamonds. All diamonds turn into graphite over a very long time. Diamonds are known for their hardness but harder synthetic material has been created by humans.

The 24 carat gold is believed to be the purest at 99.99%. Gold may have originated from stars’ explosion. This is not surprising when we consider the fact that humans themselves are made of star dust. The earth’s bombardments by billions tones of asteroids 200 millions years ago, may have brought to us more gold from the stars and deposited it 100 miles deep in the earth’s core. Gold is considered to be a heated and compressed carbon.

Many people around the globe have lost their lives trying to dig up those precious stones. Precious stones and the jewelry the may become are a curse when abused and a blessing if well used. They are closer to our hearts and contribute in an exceptional way to our physical, emotional, social and economic well-being.

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Creating Your Brand For Jewellery Shoppers

Snow Flake

When creating your brand for Jewellery shoppers, there are a few things to consider. 

1-Demand and Supply

Many people are struggling to pay their monthly bills and may not have anything left to buy that piece of stone or metal. This reduces the overall demand in the market. A store owner should be able to consider all levels of incomes and come up with a variety of quality products and services to suit each and every individual needs and means.

It is important that each product feature be associated with the corresponding benefit to the consumer. Remember, price becomes an issue in absence of value. Fixing the price depends on a variety of circumstances: the supplier price, the location, the quality and price material the product is made of, the way it is made, the quantity purchased, the shipping and handling fees, taxes etc..

A brand can be created by giving a unique value to the consumer. Accept to loose at the beginning of your business but build relationships with as many consumers as you can. Accept to give away free stuff and increase your visibility. When you have built your relationships, offer a better deal, accept a minimal profit margin. By doing this, you may attract a great number of buyers into your store. When you sell more, you can afford to sell for less.

Build your brand also by guiding the consumer through the selection and buying processes and all the way to the usage of the product or service you provide.

For example, you bought that necklace you have always wanted and now you want to check your garment for a matching dress on a special occasion. You are confused and you don’t know which one to choose.

A product description on the e-commerce store and a blog post may be the place to visit to find out some ideas about wearing your jewellery. The blog post page should be a forum where you can share your experience and best practices with other shoppers as well.

2-Market Distribution

Jewellery stores may be concentrated in big cities and consumers for smaller cities and villages may not have access to the jewellery stores with a variety of products.

With the expansion of Mobile Internet Services in the World, including but not limited to Mobile banking and Mobile purchasing, this is the right time to advertise quality products and services to the Whole World through Internet Marketing Services.


Understanding of the store uniqueness, what you bring to the market that was lacking before is crucial.

It is the responsibility of each and every store to create, develop and maintain a unique brand that differentiate it from competitors.

For example, the privacy policy can be an area that sets you apart from competitors. Don’t just say that the private information is secure and won’t be shared with anyone else. Be proactive and invest money and talent to reinforce this statement and prevent any possible breach.

Complaint resolution is another area where you can create and reinforce your brand. Each complaint should be recorded and resolved to client satisfaction in the spirit of developing and maintaining long term relationships. If the complaint results from manufacturer’s proceedings, a warranty for refund or replacement should be given to the client.

The complaints occurrence level should alert the e-commerce owner to take adequate measures to reduce complaints or even cut ties with the suppliers who are generating more complaints.

Quality Products

All the marketers claim to have quality products and exceptional services. These claims need to be supported by facts and constant independent surveys should be conducted to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction.

The best e-commerce business has the responsibility to research each available product quality, quantity, price and delivery. As a consumer, I want the best quality and sufficient quantity at the best price.

Save time

Time is money. If a store can do the research for me and present me with the product I need at the right price, not only will I buy, but also will I tell a friend. This creates a ripple effect for a business and can cause it to thrive very quickly.

The piece of jewellery you buy is an expression of the person you are, the unique You. If you are buying for someone else, you still need that piece of jewellery to be a bridge that unites both of you. You want that bridge to be genuine, motivating, strong, beautiful and everlasting.

The quality of products and Services, the prompt delivery and the Spirit of giving value to the World has to be the number one priority. Profit comes second and is the obvious reward for the job well done. Team

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Do You Know Its' Value?

The world's biggest blue star sapphire weighs 1404.49 carats.

Story highlights

  • Massive blue star sapphire was found in Sri Lanka's Ratnapura, known as the "City of Gems"
  • The precious stone weighs in at 1,404.49 carats, making it worth at least $100M

(CNN)The world's biggest blue star sapphire -- weighing in at 1,404.49 carats -- has been found in a mine in Sri Lanka.

Gemologists in Colombo say the gem is worth at least $100 million, but could sell for up to $175 million.

    Star sapphires get their name from the six-pointed star-shaped reflection that appears on their surface when they are polished.

    According to local media, the gem was discovered last August in Ratnapura, a town in southern Sri Lanka known as the "City of Gems."

    The current owner, who refused to be identified, told Ceylon Today the sapphire was "destined to be a priceless museum piece" and that the stone is so big it "cannot set in any kind of jewelery."

    Kate Middleton's engagement ring increased worldwide sales and demand for sapphires.

    The new owner would not reveal how much he paid for the gem.

    "The moment I saw it, I decided to buy. I suspected that it might be the world's largest blue star sapphire. So I took a risk and bought it," the owner told the BBC.

    He is said to have called the gem "The Star of Adam," in line with the Muslim belief that the Prophet Adam came to Sri Lanka when God banished him from the Garden of Eden.

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    The Uses Of Wrist Watches

    Since the 18th Century, the watches were worn on a chain attached to the coat or pant pocket and for that reason, they were worn by men only. The status quo changed a century later, when women has to move out of their homes for work purposes.

    Women too started wearing watches but on a chain around their neck. Later on, the human imagination came up with watches in the form of earrings, rings etc. However, those inventions did not stick because of their impracticability.  In the end, the writ watches were invented and quickly became more popular.

    In today’s societies, wrist watches have been made to fit in each and everyday activity of the bearer. Consumers are faced with a variety and styles that fit their needs but at the same time, they may feel overwhelmed by multiple choices at their disposal.

    Party watches

    Party watches are highly decorative and flashy. They are made of precious and semi-precious stones. They may not show the real time but will flash the message like” party time”. They will add the flash to the outfit and may be costly as well. It is really up to each individual to decide which one to buy based on available resources.

    Sports watches

    If you are or are considering to be a more active person to keep your body healthy and in good physical condition, you may consider buying this type of watches. The Sports watches are resistant to scratch, dust, shock, water, sweat etc. Sports watches are purchased more for their durability and utility than for their aesthetic.

    Use your sports watches as a chronometer, a chronograph, an altitude detector, an alarm, a medium for night lighting etc.  When it comes to the many uses of the wrist watches, the sky is the limit.

    Buy watches based on your individual needs. Know and respond to the demands of your lifestyle and personality. Know how to measure the sizes, how to select the colours, the materials etc.

    In some cases, you may be limited by the budget but again, you can always change your jewellery as you get new outfits. There is also a trending fashion and style to consider. It is always good to move with the time and seek advice from the experts.

    Here are a few factors to consider


    You should feel at ease when you are wearing your watch every day. Of course you will need to remove your jewellery when you retire to sleep but chances are, you will wear them for at least 12 hours a day.

    Make sure your arm and your skin are easily accepting your watches. It means that you shouldn't have any rush or deep lines on your wrist.


    Always select the material that your skin can tolerate. If not, discontinue the use and select a different material. For example, if the leather watch strap is causing rush to develop, switch to micro-leather.

    Fashion compatibility

    Choose a jewellery that compliment or matches your garment and don’t forget to update your outfit to move ahead with time, trend and circumstances.

    Before buying your watch, visualize yourself wearing it with your preferred dress, shoes and even the bag you will be carrying for the occasion.


    If your watches were purchased at a very expensive price, you want them to last for a long time. Please make sure you read about the features and benefits of the product and equally important, the does and don’ts of the product you are buying. For example, some products may be seriously damaged when in contact with oil or water.

    If your product was purchased at a low price, you can afford replacing it periodically. Some people prefer change of clothes and jewellery more frequently as they become bored after some time.

    Again, it all depends also on your purchasing power. Today’s women wrist watches prices can vary from as low as $10 to 5000 or more.

    Have we missed anything? Feel free to send us an email at and share more about your jewellery preferences with us.

    Until next time,

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    20 Ways To Wearing Statement Necklaces

    20 Style Tips On How To Wear Statement Necklaces

    There are many ways to wear Statement Necklaces and experts have been working hard to make the right combination with a variety of garments and even skin colour.

    Jessica Booth is a contributor. She is sharing her views in the following lines.

    Jessica Booth20 Style Tips On How To Wear Statement Necklaces

    Statement necklaces have been a huge trend for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere any time soon. For good reason, too: the right statement necklace can bring any outfit to the next level. A really glam one can transform a plain outfit into something special, and a particularly large one might be the only accessory you need with a certain dress.

    My personal favorite way to wear statement necklaces is to pair them with something that is otherwise boring, like a plain dress or a t-shirt and jeans. They’re such an easy way to dress up something simple, and can be worn in so many different ways. But because they make such a, well, statement, these pieces of jewelry can sometimes feel a little intimidating. And that’s why these style tips are here – to give you new ideas you never thought of, or inspiration to come up with your own awesome outfit. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear statement necklaces: 


    1. Dress up a chambray shirt by pairing with a sparkly necklace (and red lipstick). 



    1. Don’t be afraid to pair a bold necklace with a bold pattern. Keeping the rest of your outfit simple is key. 



    1. Use these tips to make whatever you’re wearing instantly more interesting.



    1. Make a variation of this your go-to outfit for fall/winter – plain tee, cardigan, jeans, boots, statement necklace. Perfect and easy! 



    1. A casual graphic tee becomes more dressy as soon as you pair it with a glam, sparkly statement necklace. 



    1. A neon necklace with a gray top is an awesome unexpected twist. 



    1. The easiest way to make boyfriend jeans look fancy? Add a bold necklace and heels. 



    1. Try matching the color of your necklace to one of the colors in your outfit. 



    1. Break up an all-black ensemble by adding a large statement necklace.


     10. I love the idea of mixing two different necklaces for a seriously huge statement. 


     11. Make a white dress more fun with a long, large necklace. 



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