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About Us


"On a mission to put a smile on every young girl's face"


Our Story 

Do you ever feel powerless to stop the poverty around you?

Do you get upset at the fact that despite living in the 21st century, there are millions of girls around the globe who don't even get basic educations?

If you did, you are not alone.

We were lucky enough to have the financial means to travel the world. What we saw not only changed us but also inspired us to do better. To leave this planet a better place than how we found it.

Kirijewels( read also Kirijewels, Kiri Jewelry) was born out of this inspiration.

We want to help every woman in the world who was not lucky enough to be born in a financially stable economy.

That's why we've decided we will donate a portion of our profit every month for the education & well-being of economically disadvantaged.

As of now, we are supporting two young girls, one in Namibia and another one in Zambia.

Since the start-up cost of our company is high, we are supporting them with our pocket money.

If you wish to help & contribute to the development of these young girls, consider getting your jewellery & accessories from our store :-)

What We Do


KiriJewels is a Canadian-based online jewelry store.
We specialize in dropshipping rings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches for women. We believe that every woman, rich or poor, young or older; wherever she may be, deserves affordable jewelry regardless of social status.

We don't make jewelry and don't claim to own any of the products shown on our website. We upload products,(images, reviews, features, and benefits) from various suppliers to our website. We advertise those products for them , and for free. When a customer buys the product, we send the money to the suppliers (purchase price, and delivery charges).The suppliers prepare the products and send the package directly to our customer's address. This is called the "dropshipping" service. If any supplier doesn't want to get involved in this process, they are more than welcome to state that on their website, or request a product removal from our website.

When we started this journey, people said that we should target men instead because they are the ones buying or providing the money to buy jewellery for women.

We felt offended by this mentality and we are glad today because we have proven them wrong.
We have created and will maintain a strong community through Kirijewels. With your support, we will reach our goal of contributing to the betterment of the world by giving true value to you, to the poor young girls from developing nations, to all the members of our online community around the globe. Our profits are used to help young poor girls with education and career opportunities.
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You are beautiful and powerful inside out.

Thank you,
The Kirijewels Team