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How Much Do You Know About Jewellery?

How Much Do You Know About Jewellery?

Jewelry gets its name from a Latin word” jocale” (plaything). The concept of Jewelry includes the notion of art and art involves playing with things we find around us. The Art of body decoration was created throughout history from various material, ranging from animal to plant to minerals. Our ancestors could make jewelry from whole live insects like beetles or animal body parts, like shells, horn, bone, tooth and different kinds of minerals.

Gold, diamond and silver are the most commonly used material in jewelry making. Pure gold is yellow in color. Pure diamonds are very transparent and colorless. The many colors a diamond may have is due to other material mixed with it. Silver has a grey color. Jewelry making material enjoy a huge variety such as platinum, amber, emerald, jade, turquoise, sapphire, ruby etc..  Some emeralds may be even more valuable than diamonds. All those materials have qualities in common like shine, durability, longevity, softness and beauty.

The practice of body adornment with jewelry is found in all civilizations around the Globe. The shape can be anything: a necklace can be made in the form of a lion or an elephant based on the quality attributed to those creatures. It could imitate the form of stars as we observe them in the sky during one of those dark nights. It could be referring to another human being who has played an important role in the community. Some jewelry will take the form of the heart to symbolize love.

Jewelry as a human decoration is as old as human appearance on earth. Jewelry making and jewelry usage and symbolism have indeed enjoyed technological discoveries and advancement.

In some cultures, a piece of jewelry is believed to have the power to heal disease, bring prosperity or curse to the bearer, attract relationships or chase the evil spirits. Love, Romance, Care, Long-lasting memories, all seem to be the norm for World’s civilizations throughout the ages.

India has been the first country to recognize and mine diamonds almost 6 thousand years ago. The country has been making jewelry since then. Its neighbor, China, has been making jewelry almost during the same time. Any country, any individual person that has the biggest amount of gold and diamonds has the greatest riches. Money gets its’ value based on the amount of those minerals you are harboring.

Today, South Africa is recognized to be the most important producer and exporter of diamonds. All diamonds turn into graphite over a very long time. Diamonds are known for their hardness but harder synthetic material has been created by humans.

The 24 carat gold is believed to be the purest at 99.99%. Gold may have originated from stars’ explosion. This is not surprising when we consider the fact that humans themselves are made of star dust. The earth’s bombardments by billions tones of asteroids 200 millions years ago, may have brought to us more gold from the stars and deposited it 100 miles deep in the earth’s core. Gold is considered to be a heated and compressed carbon.

Many people around the globe have lost their lives trying to dig up those precious stones. Precious stones and the jewelry the may become are a curse when abused and a blessing if well used. They are closer to our hearts and contribute in an exceptional way to our physical, emotional, social and economic well-being.

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