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The Uses Of Wrist Watches

The Uses Of Wrist Watches

Since the 18th Century, the watches were worn on a chain attached to the coat or pant pocket and for that reason, they were worn by men only. The status quo changed a century later, when women has to move out of their homes for work purposes.

Women too started wearing watches but on a chain around their neck. Later on, the human imagination came up with watches in the form of earrings, rings etc. However, those inventions did not stick because of their impracticability.  In the end, the writ watches were invented and quickly became more popular.

In today’s societies, wrist watches have been made to fit in each and everyday activity of the bearer. Consumers are faced with a variety and styles that fit their needs but at the same time, they may feel overwhelmed by multiple choices at their disposal.

Party watches

Party watches are highly decorative and flashy. They are made of precious and semi-precious stones. They may not show the real time but will flash the message like” party time”. They will add the flash to the outfit and may be costly as well. It is really up to each individual to decide which one to buy based on available resources.

Sports watches

If you are or are considering to be a more active person to keep your body healthy and in good physical condition, you may consider buying this type of watches. The Sports watches are resistant to scratch, dust, shock, water, sweat etc. Sports watches are purchased more for their durability and utility than for their aesthetic.

Use your sports watches as a chronometer, a chronograph, an altitude detector, an alarm, a medium for night lighting etc.  When it comes to the many uses of the wrist watches, the sky is the limit.

Buy watches based on your individual needs. Know and respond to the demands of your lifestyle and personality. Know how to measure the sizes, how to select the colours, the materials etc.

In some cases, you may be limited by the budget but again, you can always change your jewellery as you get new outfits. There is also a trending fashion and style to consider. It is always good to move with the time and seek advice from the experts.

Here are a few factors to consider


You should feel at ease when you are wearing your watch every day. Of course you will need to remove your jewellery when you retire to sleep but chances are, you will wear them for at least 12 hours a day.

Make sure your arm and your skin are easily accepting your watches. It means that you shouldn't have any rush or deep lines on your wrist.


Always select the material that your skin can tolerate. If not, discontinue the use and select a different material. For example, if the leather watch strap is causing rush to develop, switch to micro-leather.

Fashion compatibility

Choose a jewellery that compliment or matches your garment and don’t forget to update your outfit to move ahead with time, trend and circumstances.

Before buying your watch, visualize yourself wearing it with your preferred dress, shoes and even the bag you will be carrying for the occasion.


If your watches were purchased at a very expensive price, you want them to last for a long time. Please make sure you read about the features and benefits of the product and equally important, the does and don’ts of the product you are buying. For example, some products may be seriously damaged when in contact with oil or water.

If your product was purchased at a low price, you can afford replacing it periodically. Some people prefer change of clothes and jewellery more frequently as they become bored after some time.

Again, it all depends also on your purchasing power. Today’s women wrist watches prices can vary from as low as $10 to 5000 or more.

Have we missed anything? Feel free to send us an email at and share more about your jewellery preferences with us.

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